Navasota’s C-Force Water Inks Co-packing Deal With National Brand

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 10.44.07 PMThe Alkaline Water Company Inc., developers of an innovative state of the art proprietary electrolysis beverage process packaged and sold in 500ml, 700ml, 1-liter, 3-liter and 1-gallon sizes under the trade name Alkaline88, is pleased to announce it has recently entered into a co-packing agreement with Texas-based CForce Bottling.

CForce is strategically located in Navasota, just off Highway 6, northwest of Houston, Texas. The brand new 43,650 sq. ft. facility is owned and operated by businesswoman and majority owner Gena Norris in partnership with her noted husband Chuck. CForce is a premium bottling manufacturer delivering high quality products while striving to achieve environmental leadership within the category.

“The opening of this incredible facility has created a great opportunity for us to work with the Norris’ at a perfect time in support of our growth of Alkaline88 across the region,” says Steven P. Nickolas, CEO and President of The Alkaline Water Company. “Their bottling facility can currently produce over $1 million in finished goods per month. This access to increased capacity comes at the perfect time as we gain more shelf space locally and continue to build our loyal and health conscious consumer base across the nation. It has been extremely gratifying to work with such consummate professionals as Gena and Chuck Norris along with their topnotch team of professionals as we look forward to a mutually beneficial future ahead.”


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