B/CS Community Helps Yamada Family With Funeral Costs

Michael Yamada’s friend Tai Lee has set up a GoFundMe to help the Yamada family with funeral expenses. Click here to contribute or share.


Here’s the note from Tai on the GoFundMe page:

Michael Yamada, a dear friend to so many of us here in Bryan / College Station and San Diego has unexpectedly passed away on his birthday, December 26, 2016.

Michael and I had known each other for past six years.  Though our friendship was short lived, he has impacted me and my family with such a joy and happiness.  He not only helped me dress better and make me look better, he made me feel better and helped me become a better person to know how to give back to others and be involved in community.

Michael had so many friends here on this Earth and his departure has truly taken a big bites out of our hearts.  But this is also a testament to how he was so loved and how well he has lived.

We will always miss him and we will always remember him for how sweet and kind he was.

It is time to wipe our tears away and help celebrate Michael Yamada’s life and how he has lived.  Please join me in helping to fund his family with taking care of his final expenses and to give him a well deserved send off.

We have quickly raised $10,000 and we are hoping to raise another $10,000 to the total amount of $20,000 by next 15 days to have him back to his final resting place in San Diego, CA where his family live. Additional funding will of course help this family further.

Many of you have already comnitted amazing generousity and Yamada family is songrateful. Your further generosity will mean great courtesy to Yamada family.

Thank you.

Tai Lee



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