You Can Own A Part Of Century Square’s New Steakhouse

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Midway Companies Chairman Brad Freels

As construction is kicking off with Century Square – the new 55-acre multi-use development of shopping, dining, lodging and entertainment in College Station – locals eagerly await the opening of one specific new business: PORTERS. The forthcoming restaurant will lend a sleek yet approachable dining experience to the region unlike anything else currently available. And, in a nod towards the region’s railroad heritage, the name comes from both the helpful gatekeepers of the railcar and also a well-recognized leader in the community, Porter Garner. The long-time president and CEO of the Association of Former Students at Texas A&M University also happens to be close friends with the owners.

Located just steps away from a multitude of attractions, PORTERS will cater to an underserved community ready for a taste of upscale dining without the drive to larger towns like Houston or Austin. The overall development comes from Midway, the firm responsible for similar concepts like CITYCENTRE in Houston. Brad Freels, chairman of Midway, and Charles “Chuck” Criswell, partner and General Manager for PORTERS, are part of an experienced team bringing a unique combination of knowledge, compassion and energy to the design and subsequent experience at the restaurant. Both leaders contribute decades of experience in their respective fields and understand the importance of community engagement for business success.

In this way, they chose to collaborate with NextSeed to fund PORTERS and offer the region a tangible connection to support growth in ways beyond simply going out to eat. Visit for more information on how to get involved.

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