“Flip Through” Video Allows Print Media to Show Physical Copy to Ad Buyers Fast, without the FedEx Bill

David W. Flash

Electronic flip books like the ones on the issuu.com platform are great for letting readers interact with your print content in a new context. They can also be great as a media sales tool, giving ad buyers as sense of your print product’s content, ad mix, and style. However, many media buyers still want to see a physical copy of a print product prior to placing an ad order. “Flip Through” videos go further than the traditional issuu-style flip book by featuring a Media Sales Professional flipping through the physical publication while talking about key points the ad buyer cares about.

I have been utilizing flip-through videos to sell ads for a few years now. I find it enables ad buyers to make an educated decision on where they will place their ad without having to wait for a media kit to and sample copies to arrive.

What does a…

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