Fish Fry with a Phi – Raise Funds for Paralyzed Accident Victim

Restaurants in Bryan College Station

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 12.28.36 AMThe brothers of Phi Delta Theta banded together, as a show of camaraderie, to come to the aid of one of our brothers, whose family was devastated in an accident that left one member paralyzed. Their strength as a family sparked our desire to raise funds to help ease the financial burden that comes with sudden tragedy by hosting a fish fry philanthropy event in their family’s honor. It is our duty to help anyone in need to the best of our abilities and our goal is to spread a message to those who posses or have a loved one with a physical disability, that there is strength among those around you. As such, we are hosting Phi Delt’s first ever Fish Fry with a Phi and will be donating the proceeds to the Baylor Institute of Rehabilitation. We have lots of activities planned to ensure we raise enough…

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