Famed Trial Lawyer Gerry Spence on How to Win

David Flash

A “do everything you can and then some” mentality pervades the core values of many of the most effective people I admire. LBJ’s famous philosophy for winning elections, surviving crises, and passing legislation is summed up by his associates as “Do everything and we will win.”

Famed trial lawyer and teacher Gerry Spence’s blog post “The Secret to Winning: So Who Are You?” states that the secrets to success lie in preparation motivated by true self respect and personal integrity.

Following are golden nuggets from Spence’s post:

The idea of losing comes, in part, from a lack of preparation, which is a failure of self respect. Think of it as if you were a boxer. You have not trained. You have two inches of belly fat hanging over your shorts. Your cheeks are baggy. You puff going up the stairs. You brag a lot because that is all…

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