“Touch Method” Walk-In Blitz, a Respectful Approach to Prospecting

David W. Flash

Touch prospecting methodology differs from traditional “Cold Calling” in that the primary objective of a touch is to make a prospect request more information about how your advertising medium can help grow their business. These questions from prospects start meaningful conversations that lead to sales. Another important objective of each touch is to gain information that can make subsequent touches more effective (decision maker names and email addresses, for example). Your objective on a “Walk In Touch” is not to pitch as far as you can on every walk-in, with the goal always being an immediate order if possible, as some “walking through doors” advocates define “cold calling.”

The Four Objectives of a Walk In Touch

1. Hand deliver a response-oriented marketing flyer and possibly a publication or co-op pack sample. Usually an 8.5 x 11 piece on card stock featuring some kind of special offer that would lead the prospect to…

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