Top 7 Food Stories of 2017 Ranked : Food Trucks, Bodega, Babe’s, In-N-Out + More

Restaurants in Bryan College Station

Eat BCS published nearly 1,000 stories this year. Following are the top 7, ranked in order of page views.

1 : La Bodega Coming Back, To Be Open 24/7 : 5,850 Views

23621578_10155058652840222_2399794879407290857_nLa Bodega Baja Taco Bar, an old Northgate favorite known for fresh, light, coastal Mexican food and highly addictive shakers of Mexican Martinis, closed a couple years ago to make way for redevelopment in the Northgate district. Continue reading…

2 : In-N-Out Burger Location Planned for College Station According to Mayor : 8,833 Views


Earlier today, a petition was shared on the The Spirit Of Aggieland facebook group asking the iconic In-N-Out Burger to build a location in Bryan-College Station stating: “You can get a Double-Double Animal Style or 4×4 at t.u., UNT, UTSA and even Baylor these days. It’s time for Aggies to have access to some of the best burgers and fries on the planet…

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