Biosystem Fitness Opens Harvey Road

Biosystem Fitness is now open on Harvey Road.


What is Biosystem Fitness? Founder Dillon Walker, PhD talks about his unique business in the article quoted below.

Albert Einstein was/is famous for many things. His work on the photoelectric effect won him the Nobel Prize in 1921, his work on the theory of relativity has helped shaped the way we think about physics today, and he always had a way with words. One particular saying has always stood out to Dillon. That saying is “if at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it”. Dillon has always been open to and motivated by radical ideals, simply because, to him, they are robust. Dillons’s work at Biosystem fitness is radical because he seeks biological fitness for his clients. And true biological fitness means being disease free, dysfunction free, and aging slower. Due to these beliefs , Dillon started Biosystem Fitness. His objective will always be to disprove the common misconception that decrepitude is inevitable with aging and chronic disease.

Lets turn back the clock to understand Dillon’s motivations for something different. In 2004, Dillon was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. He dealt with symptoms of extreme abdominal pain since he was a teenager. Because treatments did not work Dillon looked to his lifestyle choices. This led him to understanding the impact his environment has on his health. Since changing his lifestyle, he is symptom and medication free. In 2013, he began to experience back pain and then an MRI scan uncovered a bulging disc at L5/S1. Dillon then began learning causes of this and how to resolve it. These events were the catalyst that set in motion his work today at Biosystem Fitness. In addition to learning how lifestyle affects our biology, Dillon has accumulated a wealth of knowledge that will help others reach true physical and biological fitness.

Originally, Biosystem Fitness was called GYM 1033 and was located in Dillon’s garage. Since kick starting this journey 3 years ago with his 2 neighbors, Dillon has worked with many clients to resolve various issues and/or to just get fit. These same clients continued to come back because of the positive results they saw in themselves. Now that Biosystem Fitness is expanding, Dillon is in a new facility and looking to reach and help more people.

Dillon specializes in working with people with chronic disease, pain, and dysfunction (such as insomnia, fatigue, migraines, digestive, balance, etc) and specializes in functional fitness training. This is an exciting time for Biosystem fitness.

Dillon Walker, PhD
Founder, Biosystem Fitness


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