Business Owned by CSPD Employee Subject of Criminal Complaint

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IMG_4801 Chrissy’s Massage, LLC is owned by Christopher Brannan, Quartermaster with the College Station Police Department. A criminal complaint alleges Brannan made false statements to a police officer in September 2016 in order to thwart legitimate collection efforts in connection to services Chrissy’s Massage ordered from Brazos VIP Magazine in April 2016.

College Station Police Department Quartermaster / Assistant Purchasing Manager Christopher Brannan is the subject of a criminal complaint filed with Chief Scott McCollum on February 6, 2017. The complaint filed by Brazos VIP Publisher David Flash alleges “intentionally deceptive criminal acts committed by Christopher Brannan, Assistant Buyer / Quartermaster for CSPD, that are in violation of Texas Penal Code 37.08 False Report to Peace Officer…and Texas Penal Code 31.04 Theft of Service” on behalf of the business that Mr. Brannan, Chrissy’s Massage, LLC.

In response to an emailed copy of the seven page complaint and evidence index, Chief McCollum…

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