Sit On That! Recent Aggie Grad Launches Bench Biz

Recent Texas A&M graduate and Sit on That! – Benches by Reagan founder Reagan Vanzura tells her own story of how she got in the bench biz: “After a friend asked me to participate in an event that her organization (Tell Your Story) (at Texas A&M University) (Whoop!) was hosting to showcase student creators, I decided that I wanted to bring  something other than the simple wood crafts that I would make last minute for friend’s birthdays.”

“So after a few google searches and some time on Pinterest, I was motivated/excited enough to fill out the event’s sign up page, committing myself  to being a vendor. A bench vendor… I had never made a bench before or even considered it, but that didn’t matter! After making the first one, I was absolutely hooked. I sound like a crazy person when I say this, but I literally feel like God gave my hands a hunger to work, create, and serve, and when I’m in my garage making these benches, it just feels like I’m utilizing one of the gifts I was blessed with.”

“I’ve always been told that your God given purpose isn’t just about you; it’s about how God wants to work through you. Because of this, each bench is made with a deeper level of care, love and purpose. Regardless of who will be sitting on it, the recipient of each bench is prayed for, and should know that they aren’t just a name on an order form, but someone who is truly appreciated and loved!”

Shop Reagan’s current offerings or order a custom bench at Sit on That! – Benches by Reagan.



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