Your Sour Apple Repair Otter Box Voucher May Have Been Fulfilled with Counterfeit Product

According to a statement from local deal company Brazos VIP, “from 2013-2015, Sour Apple Repair sold Otter Box certificates to us that we resold on our daily deal websites. We later learned that some end-consumers redeeming them may have been given a counterfeit product.”


“We became aware of the issue potentially impacting our Brazos VIP customers after a further investigation initiated when we were asked by Sour Apple owner Zachary Morgan to scrub Sour Apple’s Otter Box deals from the internet a year after the last one had run. We were also informed by Morgan of a civil settlement relating to the counterfeit products between Sour Apple and Otter Box wherein he had to share accessory sales data and remit profits from Otter Box sales above their actual genuine Otter Box purchases.”

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“Unfortunately, Sour Apple has made no effort to make things right with the people who might have received a phony phone case. Many otter boxes were real and they were an authorized reseller, as we were told. Sour Apple Repair mixed in much less expensive inventory with genuine product, as it was communicated to us by Mr. Morgan. Good counterfeits can look authentic right down to the packaging.”

“Thus, it’s hard for a customer to tell right away if they chose a fake or a genuine Otter Box when they redeemed their Sour Apple vouchers from Brazos VIP good for $50 toward any Otter Box. They have made several efforts to get Brazos VIP to remove references to their Otter Box deals from the internet. They have however made absolutely no effort to make things right for the people who he handed a fake otter box instead of a real one.”

Brazos VIP is making its customers who purchased the Otter Box deal aware of the possibility that their Otter Box may not have been genuine and providing more details on how to tell if their Otter Box is genuine. Brazos VIP will offer any customer who feels their Otter Box was not genuine a full refund. However, Brazos VIP’s refund is a “courtesy” and, according to the deal company, “does not negate Sour Apple’s legal responsibility to refund to the customer the amount paid for the voucher (or apply it in credit toward another purchase) any additional monies paid over the $50 limit.”

Brazos VIP Director David Flash says, “Brazos VIP does want to emphasize that the full refund offer for any impacted Brazos VIP customers is out of care for their customers, and not to signal any knowledge of or participation in Sour Apple Repair’s activities. Our deal with Sour Apple Repair, in writing, was that the vouchers we purchased from them and resold via our deal sites be fulfilled with ‘Otter Boxes.’ This is a very unfortunate situation, and we are doing our best to do right by our customers. We often go above and beyond what we legally ‘have to do’ when it comes to refunds and credits for Brazos VIP members who are dissatisfied or feel wronged for any reason by us or one of our merchant vendors.”


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