Tiny Puppies, Giggling Babies, Blue Bell “Ice Cream Cone” Ice Cream! Local Author Writes Hilarious Review of New Flavor

Restaurants in Bryan College Station

Mercy Project Director, Texas A&M Lecturer, Marathon Runner, and Disrupting for Good author Chris Field has a hobby that has earned him national notoriety: Field samples and reviews Blue Bell Ice Cream in a deliciously hilarious manner known to go viral and clear grocers’ shelves of the Blue Bell flavors he deems worthy of a review. Here’s his latest review of Blue Bell Ice Cream’s “Ice Cream Cone” ice cream:

29216304_10156403888794345_1283706046203822080_n (1)

Here is my independent review of Blue Bell Ice Cream’s “Ice Cream Cone” ice cream which returned to stores yesterday (3.15.18) after a hiatus of an undetermined amount of time. Please note: I am not officially connected to Blue Bell in any way other than being a guy who eats (a lot of) their ice cream.

Blue Bell describes this latest release as “vanilla flavored ice cream with dark chocolate-coated cone pieces, chopped roasted peanuts and a…

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