15 Places for Insanely Awesome Tacos in Bryan-College Station

Restaurants in Bryan College Station

Bryan-College Station Restaurant Guide : Tacos

Here’s our guide to some of the best tacos in the Brazos Valley. Several excerpts from complete articles on our favorite tacos are included below, click on the links for the whole story on each featured taco eatery. Happy taco eating!

Casa Rodriguez Mexican Restaurant 300 N. Bryan Ave., Bryan, TX • 979-779-0916

casa-rod-taco Taco Loco at Casa Rodriguez.

Casa Rodriguez has been a family tradition in Bryan since 1978.

Chef Tai’s Mobile Bistro Bryan-College Station • 979-268-3251

10366227_1008026475885366_7501432863156148066_n Calamari tacos by Chef Tai’s Mobile Gourmet.

Chef Tai Brings Gourmet Dining To A Parking Lot Near You I’m addicted to the Calamari Tacos which isn’t a regular menu item but shows up every other week or so. Crispy calamari and the amazing Asian Slaw wrapped up nicely in a corn tortilla. I always tell myself to stop after the second taco but never do.

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