5 Best Ways to Repurpose an Old iPhone

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Everyone has a junk drawer. Typically it’s a graveyard for old, unwanted cell phones. Instead of banishing old devices to the junk drawer, try repurposing them! Find out how in CPR’s latest blog, “5 Best Ways to Repurpose an Old iPhone.”

How to Repurpose an Old iPhone

child using old iphoneHave you recently upgraded to the latest Apple device? Read these tips for ways to repurpose an old iPhone.

1. Use it to entertain the kids.

Download kid-friendly games, apps, and shows to keep your children entertained for hours– especially on long trips. Be sure to enable parental controls on the iPhone to block any adult content.

2. Use it as a security camera.

Consider using the camera on your old iPhone to record surveillance footage of your home while you’re away. There are numerous apps available that allow you live stream footage directly from your old iPhone to your new device of choice. Although using your old iPhone to capture footage provides limited security footage, it is an option if you’re interested in basic surveillance.

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