“A hammock you can eat…” Chris Field reviews Blue Bell’s Key Lime Mango Tart

Restaurants in Bryan College Station

TAMU lecturer, Disrupting for Good author, and Mercy Project founder Chris field has done what he’s arguably most famous for one more time! That’s right! He just reviewed another new Blue Bell Ice Cream flavor!

37815567_10156748123044345_2036529717732966400_o Image by Chris Field.

Our friends over at Blue Bell Ice Cream dropped a brand new flavor today. They say it “tastes like summer,” and they’re not wrong. But we can’t stop there. This new flavor is as butt in the sand and toes in the water as it gets. Somewhere, probably in a tropical place with a bowl on his lap and a spoon in his hand, Jimmy Buffett is smiling. Icecreamville, anyone?

Blue Bell describes this flavor as, “key lime ice cream blended with graham cracker crust pieces and mango sauce swirl.” Like Ham from The Sandlot, let’s cannonball right into it.

Key Lime Pie, which traces its roots back to the quirky…

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