$25,137 paid by City of College Station to Maroon Weekly, city among newspaper’s largest ad accounts

The City of College Station has spent $25,137 on print advertising in the Maroon Weekly newspaper during the period from April 2, 2013 through October 2, 2017. With ads from the City of College Station comprising over 10% of total ad space sold in many issues and nearly 20% in some, the City of College Station is one of Maroon Weekly’s biggest supporters if not their largest advertiser.

While advertising on campus is a legitimate function of the local government, such a large chunk of the budget for that purpose going to the struggling Maroon Weekly (as evidenced by lowest ad-count of any local print publication) alternative campus newspaper, over popular options like Student Insider and The Batallion, possibly warrants review by the council and reallocation to media outlets that are more popular on campus.

Download City of College Station spending data related to Maroon Weelky

When asked about the media expenditure and how it was decided upon, City of College Station Councilwoman Linda Harvell said she was unaware of the specifics around the expenditure. Harvell said Maroon Weekly advertising has not been discussed by the council during the time she has held her seat on the Council.

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