Aggie parent calls attention to “arrogant, swaggering attitude” of some @CityofCS @CSTXpolice officers

College Station Police Monitor

Commenting on an article posted in the The Spirit Of Aggieland facebook forum page that calls for more College Station Police Officers on the streets, an Aggie parent asked for the officers to have less of an “arrogant, swaggering attitude.”

I have all the respect in the world for LEOs. I sure hope there is a trend for the College Station police to be kinder to Aggie students. I’m sure there are some that are kind, but our family’s experience and the stories I hear from others, reflect an arrogant, swaggering attitude. Our family members are certainly not trouble makers. This is in regards to a traffic accident, a speeding ticket and a noise violation-for which there was no warning.

I understand that police must assume a mantle of authority in their job, but there is no reason for unpleasant and even belligerent attitudes from the get go. This has been…

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